Apartments And Multi-Family

ApartmentsAt Insurance For Investors, we don’t just insure apartments; we’ve owned them as well and we understand the risk that apartment owners face.

If you yourself are an apartment owner, whether 15 units or 500, you understand all too well the severe financial consequences that can result from such things beyond your control as a property loss due to fire, wind, hail, or other causes. Also, whether it is a legitimate claim or not, you could also face expensive legal difficulties from liability claims associated with swimming pools and spas, saunas, playground equipment, workout rooms, on-premises crimes, sponsored events, common parking areas, advertising, and much more.

With our extensive investing and property background, Insurance For Investors has insurance programs that provide the most comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions for apartment buildings available, no matter the size or complexity.

  • Large or Small Complexes
  • Older Properties Okay
  • All Construction Types
  • Seasonal and Vacation Rental Acceptable

Some of the coverage options that are available to you to help you include:


  • Coverage for Buildings at Either Extended Replacement Costs or Actual Cash Values
  • Separate Limits for Specified Property (Pools, Fences, etc.)
  • Automatic Annual Increases in Building Reconstruction Amount (inflation guard)
  • Contents Covered at Either Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value
  • Coverage for Loss of Rental Income and Extra Expense on an ‘Actual Loss Sustained’ Basis for 12 Months or Longer.
  • Coverage  for the Loss in Value of the Undamaged Portion of the Building, Demolition, or Increased Construction Cost to Meet Ordinance or Law Requirements
  • Mechanical Equipment Breakdown Coverage (HV/AC, Pool Equipment, etc)
  • Automatic Coverage Extended for Newly Acquired Buildings
  • Coverage for Fire Department Service Charge and Extinguisher Recharge Cost
  • Coverage for Outdoor signs
  • Debris Removal or Clean Up Costs
  • Pollutant Clean Up Cost
  • Back up of Sewers or Drains or Apartment Appliances
  • Coverage for Loss of Accounts Receivables and Valuable Papers
  • Coverage for Computer Equipment (including Media & Records)
  • Coverage for Earthquake or Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage (where applicable)


  • Coverage for Employee Dishonesty
  • Coverage for Loss of Money & Securities (both inside and outside the premises)
  • Coverage Against Forgery & Alteration
  • Coverage for False Money Orders & Counterfeit Currency


It is especially true in the current culture of litigation that today’s apartment building owners must pay special attention to liability concerns.  Litigation on personal injury and mold claims have had a tremendous, and unfortunate, impact on the cost and availability of insurance for apartment buildings. Property owners must now ensure that they have the proper coverage for:

  • Operations and Premise Liability (including Parking Lots)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Contractual and Owners Protective Liability
  • Hired and Non-Owned Automobile
  • Employee Benefits Liability (EPLI)
  • Medical Payments and Tenant’s Legal Liability

We understand the unique needs and risk concerns of apartment and multi-family owners and as specialists in insurance for investment property, we can certainly provide the protection and insurance-related coverages that you need for your situation.

Contact us today at (512) 501-4010 or (800) 299-8994 to dicuss your situation to see how we can help you.  Or, if you prefer, you may also email us at with a decription of your situation and we will contact you to see how we can provide the insurance solutions that best fit your own particular needs.